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01. What sort of work do you create?

The real question is, what don’t we make! We offer an end to end production service taking care of every required element for you. Visit our Services page to see a full list of work we can support you with.

02. So how much are we talking? 

A lot of variables can impact the cost of a project, particularly a TV ad, including usage, location fees and talent. With our no obligation quotation breakdowns, we are transparent with itemised costs so you know exactly where your money is going. The result? Epic work within your ideal budget.

An idea of figures can be found below: 

Corporate, Brand and Product videos

£10k-£15k is a good starting point for a standard video project, but they do go up to multiple times that for bigger, more complex shoots. Sometimes they can be cheaper too, so a bespoke quote is always required. 

TV Commercials 

Anywhere between £30k - £100k is where we are experienced in the TV Ad department. Again, there are so many variables, so we will provide you with a bespoke quotation. 

03. Do you only work within the Midlands region? 

We are proudly Midlands born and bred, but we work globally!

04. Do you work with outside agencies? 

Yes! We have great relationships with a range of creative agencies across the UK, acting as an extension of their own marketing teams to seamlessly and efficiently deliver on brief.

05. Do we have any input on the edit? 

Of course! As your production partner, we strongly encourage your involvement in every part of the process. You can get involved as much or as little as you like. 

06. Do we have to use you for post-production if you are filming for us?

Not if you don’t need it! We are able to shoot and hand over all footage to you as required, with a ‘shoot only’ approach. We will work through the requirements and provide you with a bespoke package, tailored to your needs.

07. Do you provide music, voiceovers and subtitles? 

Yes, we have partnerships with some of the best in the business when it comes to music and voiceover talent! This makes sure every element needed for your project is included as part of our service. Additional costs for these elements will always be covered during pre-production and itemised in our quotation breakdowns.

08. Who holds the rights to the footage? 

As the Production Company, BTV.UK hold all rights to the original files (also known as master files or RAW files) as well as any edit project files. Final edited deliverables are owned by the client and usage is always outlined in our Production Agreements before any work begins on a project.

09. Do you store projects after completion? 

Storage can be costly, that’s why each project includes a small storage fee to make sure we can keep your files safe, secure and backed up for future use! We do so for a period of 12 months following project completion. After that period, a member of our team will be in touch to confirm if you would like to purchase all of the raw files on a hard drive for a set fee, before being removed from our system. Don't worry, nothing will be removed without confirmation from you in writing beforehand. 

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