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Shoot days can be expensive. Therefore it's important to make the most of every minute of a shoot and one way of doing so is by shooting stills photography alongside video. This is something that the BTV.UK team do regularly, working seamlessly on location to capture a suite of high quality stills, ideal for online and social media use.


Our production team will plan a shoot day in full, so that while the video team shoots in one place, the photographers can be shooting in another. It may sound like a lot to oversee, however we have strong partnerships with a range of photographers across the UK who just 'get' how it works, not to mention full management by our team of expert producers. 

High quality stills

Maximise time spend on a shoot

A range of specialist photographers to choose from

A bank of assets to be used across your social channels

IMI DAY TWO1526.jpg
BTVDAY TWO0612.webp

Client Feedback

I worked with the team at BTV.UK earlier this year for a photography shoot and campaign in Birmingham. They are a joy to work with - collaborative and patient with every twist and turn production gives! Their knowledge and expertise meant for a seamless process from start to finish including a fantastic, fun shoot and happy clients. Great bunch of guys, wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.

Media Bounty

Possible x ACT Climate Labs Billboard Campaign

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