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Capturing your event on video can open it up to a global crowd.
From real-time live streaming to fast turnaround highlights filmed, edited and published the same day. We can mobilise quickly and amplify your event capturing every key moment in a polished video production.
Of course, there’s nothing like being there. But recent rapid advancements in film streaming technology mean it’s now possible to inform a worldwide audience from a single room. Put more bums on more seats than you ever imagined through the unrivalled reach of video.

Tru, Aston Performing Arts Academy

I contacted BTV.UK on a Sunday to turn a project around for the following Tuesday. Jake & the team listened and took immediate action, delivering what I can only describe as remarkable. We loved the results so much so we quickly contracted him for another film which was to be delivered for Wednesday, which again was exceptionally delivered. I would never hesitate to work with Jake again.
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