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Capture, Go.


Events, we all love them. But what would you say if we told you that they can be shared with your audience, instantly. Not just via livestream, but as Highlights reels, Vox pops and Trailers in 4K quality, optimised for your digital channels, as the event is taking place? 


Well, this is a service we are proud to offer at BTV.UK. So how do we do it? We have a shoot team, as well as a live edit team on-location at the event. As soon as something happens, the footage is given to our editors who are ready to cut the content in to the relevant formats, complete with music, grade and titles. 


For extra speed, we sometimes have direct access to the social channels too, meaning you can enjoy the event and leave things with us. 

Don't settle for iPhone footage just because it's quick, we have the ultimate solution for that. 

Multi-camera setups

Edit team on location

Top Quality Assets

Same day turnaround

On brand, on time, online

4K Quality

Photography available too.

Whether simple upload to YouTube or a secure live global stream, we know the production tech inside-out to showcase your event to the right crowd and in the best locations for you.


With live-mixing capabilities, direction, multi-cameras and cases of tech in our armoury, we can work with you to plan first-class coverage of your event. 


If you’d like to project on to screens during the event as well as to a stream online, it’s possible. We could build you an on-site TV studio too, complete with set and lighting that is on brand...the possibilities are huge and we achieve this through a network of TV, Broadcast and AV professionals who work with us on a regular basis. 


Multi-camera setups

Broadcast & AV Professionals

Project to screens live

Studio Build Options

Presenter Options Available

Sell Ad space within the stream


BTV.UK listened and took immediate action, delivering what I can only describe as remarkable. We loved the results so much so we quickly contracted then for another film, which again was exceptionally delivered. I would never hesitate to work with them again.
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